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Freehold vs. condo | which way to go?

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So you want to buy a townhouse? Great! Now, the next decision is do we search for a freehold, or a condo?  There are pros and cons to both, here are my opinions on it: At first glance, freehold seems like the best path – no condo fees, no rules, you can do whatever you want! Want a blue door? Go ahead and paint it. Want a satellite dish on the front of your house? No problem. Don’t want to cut your grass, then don’t!  But you also can’t complain when the neighbour doesn’t cut their grass for a month…

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Buying a condominium in Guelph as a first-time homebuyer

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Buying your first home can be exciting! Knowing your needs and what you can afford are usually the first step when starting the search. So is buying a condominium home the best for you?  So far in 2014, 519 condominium homes have sold in Guelph. It is obviously a popular choice for many buyers. 470 of those were listed for under $350,000; the typical first time homebuyer price range. Here are a few things that you should consider with condominiums: ADVANTAGES Property maintenance; if there is grass to cut or snow to shovel, they will do it. Common Elements; not…

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Our twitter feed | the new source for staying informed

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Making the right choices has always been about having the right information. Real estate is no different, information is king. This fact hasn’t changed much over the years, however what has changed is the method of delivery. The consumer of today still wants their information, but now they want it instantly. Knowledge is available to us like never before and hundreds of reports, news articles, blog posts and opinions can be found on almost any topic within our industry. Sorting through what is authentic, what is valuable and what is worthy of our consumption can be a complicated process. At…

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