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The New Meaning of Home in 2020

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The New Meaning of “Home” in 2020 The view from our home office window has never been so transcendent in the new reality we live daily due to the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Surpassing the ordinary it’s clear, calm and comfortable, unlike the events that surround us. It’s been a few weeks since we heard the news from our government leaders to “Stay Home” in an effort to stop the spread of the virus, and measures were set in place to aid us in doing so. Working from home has been an option for a lot of different careers including real estate, but when you throw all the other life logistics into the mix you’ve got a full-on recipe of unknowns with a dash of spontaneity. Little did we know how much our homes would change forever.

Being a homeowner for almost 20 years we’ve always been grateful and appreciative of having a roof over our heads but the phrase “Home is where the Heart Is” has taken on a whole new meaning for our Family of 5.

Living rooms have become our children’s classrooms, virtual meeting rooms, Friday night at the pub with friends, the dance floor, a place to exercise and where we write blogs and journals about the historical events that are happening right now as we live them.

While bedrooms used to be a place to start and end each day some have been transformed into play forts, serving many in-between pit-stops for reading or perhaps we have worked so desperately hard over the years in the daily grind that we are simply trying to catch that well-earned nap or two. While trying not to get sick ourselves, some other bedrooms have become hospital quarantine rooms to care for the sick.

Kitchens have become 24-hour restaurants serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner and ALL the snacks in between…..oh the delicious and unnecessary snacks! Virtual trips are taken around the world by trying our hands at new recipes and tasting the cuisine other countries have to offer.

Backyards are converted into campsites while driveways pave the way to a distanced conversation with that neighbour you’ve been meaning to introduce yourself to, but who’s schedule never aligned with yours.

Home is where we stay to keep safe while we keep our families and communities safe. Home is where we shelter in place and it is saving people’s lives right now literally, they have become a life-saving device of sorts. Our homes have become everything to us.

While the real estate industry has and will continue to adapt and change during the pandemic, people are still able to buy and sell while we protect our clients and communities with new safety measures. I will be forever changed in the way I can help a client shop for a home, the purposes and room sizes serve a whole different meaning. Where we saw virtual tours being utilized only here and there I hope it becomes the new normal in every listing. Providing a more complete and accurate representation before engaging in a physical showing, a win for both the seller and the buyer in quality and time management. Lawyers have adopted the technologies that were once resisted thereby streamlining the home closing process. I wonder in a world of social distancing do we start to see a preference for physical distancing in the type of product people buy such as detached, more rural homes or second home cottage properties?

I know for certain that in our future together we will be viewing real estate a lot like how we are all viewing the world now……….differently.