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Buying a House is Kinda Like Online Dating

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Buying a house is just like online dating. It can be exciting, tiresome, boring, a lot of work and you usually have to go on several dates (showings) before you find “the one”.  When you first start looking for a house, you usually look at a lot of profiles (listings), trying to get a sense of what’s out there and if this is a good time to “hit the market”.  You can look for days, weeks or even months before you make a move – but then one comes up that you weren’t expecting!  It’s everything you’re looking for: it’s the right size and it’s super cute. It might just be the perfect fit. 

Now you need to reach out and ask a few questions to see if this could be the real deal. Once you get answers to your questions, you start to get excited about seeing the house in person to see if it really is as good as it seems. You tell your parents and your friends a little bit about the place, but not too much in case it doesn’t work out.

Once you get to the house it may or may not be what it looked like in the pictures.  It could be bigger or smaller.  The pictures were taken at exactly the right angles to make it look its best and it’s clearly been staged. It could be that it’s exactly what you’re looking for and you’re ready to commit and put in an offer; or it could be a huge disappointment and you have to go back to looking through all of the profiles again.  It can get discouraging very quickly, but you have to persevere!  Every home is different and will have its pros and cons.  If the first one isn’t what you wanted, then on to the next.

You may fall in love and find your perfect home on the very first try.  I’ve had plenty of clients do just that and it can be equally exciting and scary because you feel like you might be missing out by jumping head first so quickly. But trust your gut and the advice of your realtor – if it’s the right fit, go for it!  

Most of the time though you have to go through a lot of homes to find the right one.  Sometimes it’s about learning what you really need and want as well as what you can do without.  The important part is that you have to go out in person and get a feel for it.  Every home can look good in pictures and sound good in a listing but you never know how you’ll feel about it until you’re there in the moment.  You’ll see a lot of duds, but in the end, if you have time, patience and the trusted advice of a good realtor you will find exactly what you need and love.  

Here’s a hint: it’s often not what you thought you were looking for, but it feels just right.