Onward Willow & the numbers you need to know

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I love where I live, my favourite pocket in all of Guelph is between Alma & Silvercreek between Paisley and Willow, Onward Willow. Wartime houses all spread out on big lots, bungalows & one and a half story are for the most part what you see.  There are other houses, like mine, built in the 70’s side splits, raised bungalows and a few two-story houses built in the 70’s and 80’s.  Not to forget the picturesque Applewood area.  Big trees, parks, big lots with generously sized houses.  The Applewood area has its own trailed park and again those generous lots with 70’s houses.

Let’s get to it, what are the sales like in Onward Willow, Here we go!!


WOW! This is good news for everyone!  As you can see the spike in resale value in the last year has benefited Guelph in every corner, the difference with Onward Willow is that we were starting from a lower price point. As much as prices have gone up in this area, the price point is pleasing to the average household budget. Bonuses are that we are a 20 min walk to downtown, a quick zip to the Hanlon, different options to access the GTA, walking distance to many good restaurants, shopping for whatever you need, and more. If you have read my blog about Living in Onward Willow you will know that the shopping centers have had facelifts, and more stores are filling the strip malls.  There is so much interest they are building more space for store front.

The evidence is there, the numbers are echoing it, this neighborhood is booming!!  I have a very good feeling about the future of value in Onward Willow.

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