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Dream that country dreamhome

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Finding that perfect piece of property to build your dream home on isn’t always effortless. It’s easy to get lost in beautiful views or the perfect location and not take the time to research some of the other essential characteristics of the property. There will always be some things that you will discover along the journey of building that will require extra cost or consideration, as each property has its individual challenges and unique features.  Understanding that there will be compromises is vital, which you need to consider carefully before purchasing the property you love. Almost everything that will have…

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Failure to Complete – What’s Going on in Guelph?

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This isn’t the way I like to start off my week. I’m drafting a Mutual Release for a property that failed to close. Without getting too far into the details, clients of mine found out, on the day their home was supposed to close, that their buyers were unable to get funding. The process dragged out, but in the end, the buyers had to walk away from the purchase – and, in doing so, they essentially walked away from their deposit. Months later, after a series of negotiations between the two party’s lawyers, I’m drafting this mutual release – a…

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Sizzling Hot Summer – Buyer Opportunities in Guelph

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The summer is hot and so is the Guelph market… but in a different way than we have experienced for quite some time. After a wild Seller’s market in the first half of the year, in a matter of a couple of weeks, June saw a very significant shift. Suddenly, we had a market something like one we haven’t seen in a few years. It feels pretty balanced and, for the first time in a long time, buyers have options. It’s a great time to buy a house in Guelph, and here are just a few of the reasons why….

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Guelph needs more of this – Basic housing

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Stone counter tops, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, soaring ceilings, walk in showers, en suite bathrooms, walk in closets, lots of storage.  This is not just a wish list anymore; in the time of HGTV many buyers are looking for these finishes and are starting to expect them in their newly built homes.  Guess what, builders are listening. Luxury finishes are quickly becoming standard among local builders including stone counters, raised ceilings, and even some high end appliances.  This is great in many regards as it creates a very well polished product which sells quickly and easily. But what happens…

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