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When the Guelph Investment Market Changed

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For years, the Guelph investment game was pretty simple. Purchase property for X, rent it for Y, and after all of your expenses are paid, make a few $100 per month, or simply just break even to cover your expenses and Bob’s your uncle.  Sounds easy, right? However, it was sometime around the start of last summer that everything in the Guelph investment game started to change. All of the sudden prices started to skyrocket and nobody really knew why. It was crazy. I remember bidding on a property at 1155 Gordon St that was listed for $374,900. All of…

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Shifting Market, Shifting Expectations: Selling in Guelph Today

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Woah. What a year it has been in the world of Guelph real estate. The dust is just starting to settle now, after a wild first quarter that left even the most seasoned veterans in this business shaking their heads in disbelief. Bidding wars, cash offers, bully offers… it really was a frantic scene for Guelph home Sellers and Buyers. But the scenery has changed. At the end of March, I started to notice a minor shift, and I wrote about inventory changing and things levelling out a bit. It was a slow process in some ways, but without question this…

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Guelph needs more of this – Affordable housing

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In this unprecedented housing market I have been reflecting more and more on what it means for those who do not yet own a home. When we get together we love to talk about real estate.  Everyone has an opinion on it and most of the time I hear that things are getting too out of reach for the average buyer.  I agree.  Most Guelphites and first time buyers are quickly getting priced out of the town they live in and love.  They can’t afford to keep their kids in school here, they are looking to move further away from…

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