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Why move, invest & live in Downtown Guelph

What makes a great city great? If you think of great cities like Toronto, New York, or London what is one thing that they all have one thing in common? Vibrant downtowns. When you hear the name New York you think of Times Square and Broadway. Toronto? Yonge Street. London? Trafalgar Square.  To this list we want to add Guelph. Stay with us here. Of course Guelph isn’t as massive as these major cities but it does have all the things that makes them exciting places to live:

Beautiful architecture and rich heritage? Check!

  • Guelph was founded in 1827 and has beautiful Victorian and old stone buildings, and signature yellow brick homes.
  • Guelph is surrounded by some of the richest agricultural land in the world. Guelph’s Farmers’ Market has been running for 190 years!

Great food and restaurants? Check!

  • Downtown Guelph is home to a huge range of tastes and flavours from French cuisine, to Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Vegan, Middle Eastern, Eritrean/Ethiopian, artisanal bread makers …Whatever you are hankering for you will find it here.
  • We also have amazing cafes and coffee shops offering unique beans and roasts from around the globe and perfect places to meet and connect.

Fashion and shopping? Check!

  • The Downtown has over 450 businesses! Independent Canadian fashion, art store, Asian markets, and artisanal food shops. Anything you need or could imagine is just a short walk away. It is also the perfect place to start your dream business, just ask ReFresh Juice, Friends in Our Kitchen and FallowFields Kids Clothing.

Vibrant arts and culture? Check!

  • The Downtown is known for its festivals and events, like the world renowned Guelph Jazz Festival and Art on the Street.
  • We have a major performance space, The River Run Centre, where everything from ballet, to kid’s concerts, to great theatre happens.
  • The Downtown is also home to The Bookshelf, one of Canada’s longest running independent book stores. For over 37 years the Bookshelf has been offering the best in Canadian and world arts and literature. They hold many major events and readings each year with artists and authors like Margaret Atwood, Salman Rushdie, and Tom King. Not only that but they also operate a beautiful independent cinema and bar/concert venue.

Greenspace? Check!

  • Exhibition Park, right in the heart of Downtown, is acres of green space that also includes tennis courts, baseball diamonds, a hockey arena, and a soccer pitch. It is home to a busy dog park, an outdoor dance festival, pop up park events, and so much more. It is Guelph’s oldest park and a true gem.

New builds/Condos? Check!

  •  Rivermill and Riverview have brought a big city feel to our cozy Downtown Guelph. These luxury buildings offer those wanting to live in Downtown Guelph without the headache of living in an older home. With 2 bedroom condos selling at +$450,000 it is evident that the demand for Downtown Living is high.
  •  We also have Fusion Homes bringing life to The Ward with Metal Works. They have taken a space that has sat empty for decades and they are going to turn it into something special. They plan to restore the Heritage Building, design 100,000 sq ft of greenspace, add commercial/ retail space below the funky condo buildings.

Both projects have proven to be successful with those camping out at Metalworks and selling out at Rivermill and Riverview!

If all that isn’t enough:

  • Guelph has been rated one of the Top Ten Places to Live in Canada!
  • The University of Guelph is ranked as one of the Top Ten in Canada (and is walkable from Downtown!).
  • We have expanding rail service in the Downtown so you can stroll Downtown, hop on a train and get to where you need to be with ease.
  • The Downtown also has a beautiful new Museum, an OHL team and arena, and a beautiful library.

Just some of the reasons why we think Downtown Guelph is the place to live in and invest in!

How do we know so much about the Downtown? We have spent our whole lives living and working here. We are your Guelph Downtown gals. We know all the best places to live and have fun (even the secret places!). Follow our socials to see more of the exciting reasons why living here is the best decision you will ever make. Give us a call, send us an email or text, and come for a visit. We know once we have shown you around you won’t ever want to leave!