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Skilled Build | Terra View Homes

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Recently I had the absolute pleasure of sitting with David Brix of Terra View homes at his office in North Guelph. Amanda Lord tagged along so that we could ask David some hard-hitting questions from both the construction and the design fronts. The plan was to talk current developments, what projects are on the horizon for Terra View and to review their quality of construction.  First off, he is about the most welcoming guy possible when you sit with him. Really puts everyone in the room at ease. That’s the type of builder that makes folks like myself and Amanda…

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Old University – Let’s look at those numbers

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Old University is one of those areas in Guelph where real estate values have always shown an extreme demand for location. One of the first things I hear many investors say is, “Walking distance to the University of Guelph”. Naturally, the Old University area comes to mind but with the incredibly hot real estate market Guelph had in 2016, plus this area of Guelph’s historically inflated sales prices, it has to make you wonder, “Is buying a rental property in Guelph’s Old University area still a good investment?” I felt the only fair way to answer this was to back…

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K is for … Kindergarten … Maybe?

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When we moved to the Kortright East Neighbourhood 5 years ago, we were just a young couple with a newborn. To be honest, the thought of school zones never even crossed our minds.  Luckily for us, the two options available  for my school age children are both great schools.  We were sure we wouldn’t be disappointed with the education given at either of the location.  Two years after moving into the neighbourhood, construction began on undeveloped land at the back of our neighbourhood and SAY WHAT!?!?, it’s a school!  We are WALKERS!  Wonder if the school will be Public or…

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The Great Indian Migration

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So the big elephant in the room (pun totally intended) in Guelph is … why are so many Indian people choosing to migrate to our little city?  A big question indeed, and one I think is best answered by someone with a foot in three different camps; I am a Guelphite, I am of Indian descent and I am of course, a proud Realtor here in Guelph. In my mind, that makes me a pretty good candidate to tell the story.  I will throw out a small disclaimer first – this article is intended to be a source of information for…

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TW Credit Club | 3 Tips You Need to Know

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I have been working in Real Estate for a little while.  I have learnt so much and have been put in a position where I can positively impact people’s lives, it is an amazing thing.  It isn’t always sunshine and roses.  I do run into hard situations from time to time, I have come across so many people this year trying to get into the house market or lease, but can’t because their credit score is bruised, this was part of my journey too. Sometimes clients know, but it is worse when they don’t and they find out after they…

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