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Forget Shoes! House Shopping is Waaaaay More Satisfying

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Alright, so you’ve got the car, the job, the education, you’ve saved up some money and overall you’re a grown up (when you have to be at least).  You’re single, strong and independent but you’re still renting.  WHY? Maybe you think that you can’t afford to buy a place on your own. Maybe you think it will be too much work and you don’t have any experience in household repairs.  Or maybe you’re just not sure where to even start. When you are buying a house on your own as a woman there are some different issues to take into…

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The SPEED of the Guelph student investment market

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The speed of the Guelph student investment market is something that has always fascinated me. Every year in the first week of January the floodgates open up and prime student rental properties start coming on the Guelph real estate market. There is a short 2-month burst of fury and excitement right up until the end of February and then the floodgates miraculously close yet again, only to let a few trickles out here and there until the next season! Why does this happen? The first reason would be the Guelph student rental cycle. With the vast majority of student leases in…

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Winterizing your home in Guelph

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It’s time of year again Guelph home owners! It’s officially time to get ready for winter. So, I decided to put together a few tips for winterizing your home that will help save you money on heating costs, protect your home from the harshness of the winter months and keep unecessary repair costs from adding up. Here we go. CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS The reason why: It’s very important to keep your gutters flowing freely to allow proper drainage. You need to get up there and make sure everything is clear or better yet get a local handyman or someone comfortable…

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Mistakes to avoid when investing in Guelph real estate

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We often talk about the best ways to invest your money in real estate, the most effective strategies depending on your investment goals, as well as the do’s and don’ts of real estate investment, but I find that it’s mainly the do’s which are talked about the most…I’m even guilty of this accusation in my own blogs. Today, I’m going to do something different and focus on the don’ts – the mistakes you should avoid as a newbie in the real estate investment arena.  I will of course pair a remedy to each mistake requiring circumvention, however, I still want…

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Selling a Home in Downtown Guelph – Let’s Talk Disclosures

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Guelph is home to many beautiful historic homes. Exhibition Park, Old University, St. George’s Park, Sunnyacres, St. Patrick’s Ward… the list goes on and on when it comes to Guelph neighbourhoods where we see an abundance of century homes. For many of us, the allure of a historic home is too strong to ignore. We’re willing to sacrifice on  size, storage, parking, and so many modern conveniences… all in exchange for that connection with history, old-world character, and the upsides of urban living. My own home, built in the 1800s, is far from perfect—but it’s very hard for me to…

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Get inside the mind of a student

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So, you like the idea of purchasing a student rental,  I can’t argue with that call. A student investment property in Guelph has long proven to be a terrific long-term investment. A major component in the success of any investment property, is of course, the attainable monthly rents. With a vacancy rate typically sitting around 1% these days, we know finding people to rent isn;t really the problem. Figuring out maximum rents, can be slightly more confusing. As Realtors we talk all of the time. We gather and share information to gain a broader perspective on what is really happening…

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