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Keeping the Faith: Buying a Home in Guelph

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I read an article recently on bidding wars when buying a home in Guelph. The article was shared on someone’s Facebook page, and it clearly hit a nerve. That were a lot of comments, and reading through them made one thing very clear to me: Guelph buyers are becoming very demoralized. “This is why I can never buy a house,” said one. “The way things are going, I don’t think I’ll ever afford a house.” One lamented, “I’m priced out of the market in my own hometown.” It’s hard to read, and very largely because it’s so widespread. So many…

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A Matter of Time – Rent in Guelph is Going Up

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With the rising prices of houses in Guelph, sustainability of rents can only last so long before an increase has to take effect. Take, for instance, the increase in the median detached sale price in all of Guelph between 2016’s 2nd and 3rd quarter. It was a 7.4% increase which, if sustained for a 12 month period, would mean an increase of close to 30% to the median detached sale price of homes in Guelph in only 1 years time! Theoretically, this means an investment property that could be purchased this year for $350,000 would have to be purchased next…

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New Homes – Buy for quality

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Buying a brand new home, how exciting! ll those shiny counters and those perfectly installed hardwood floors – who wouldn’t want a piece of this action! It all sounds like so much fun, so exactly where in Guelph should we get this new home party started? Hop in the car and driving aimlessly around town following arrows to different pockets of the city perimeter? How about we put a little strategy behind this new home shopping plan. Let’s try this plan – buy the best built house we can for our money. 10 years from now, maybe even as little as 5…

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