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Do the renos that really pay

So you want to sell your Guelph home but you take a look around and see nothing but work and renos. You think to yourself,  ”Should I take a loss and sell it as is or should I do some renos??” Most people opt out when it comes to doing any work to their home but don’t realize that they are leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not doing simple, minor updates. Today’s buyers are looking for move in ready, I don’t want to lift a finger type of home, meaning buyer’s are willing to pay more and compete for homes that need less work and don’t care if they end up overpaying! This is crazy to me because this leaves behind tons of great homes for people to buy and “make their own” while only increasing the value of their home! I know, I know, it sounds all fine and dandy, get a home and make it your own but what do you do when you have zero skills in home reno’s? Hire help and fit it into your budget! If everyone knew how to renovate their own homes, everyone would live in beautiful updated houses, but this just isn’t the case. Always take time sourcing companies and products and find the best quality for the best price. There are many ways you can increase the value of your home and that doesn’t always mean a complete reno project! Here are just a few ideas …

#1 Update your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home! It’s where you share memories and entertain guests, it should be a space that you want to be in. Kitchens and Bathrooms are the most important rooms in the house and they are the most worth while renovation to do. It is the easiest and fastest way to add value to your home.

Paint out Old Cupboards

Buyers in today’s generation are looking for modern, stained or painted out cupboards. The look of wood and pine screams outdated to most buyers. Buy simply painting out your cabinets a nice white or a popular grey you can give your kitchen a totally new, refreshed and clean look without going in debt! Your local hardware store will point you into the right direction when it comes to paint types to use. I typically lean towards CIL’s Smart Furniture and Cabinet Paint with the Melamine Finish.

painted kitchen

Change Old Hardware

This is the simplest way to create a more modern and updated feel to your kitchen! Get rid of those old ugly white plastic pulls are replace them with something more in style. Hardware also includes faucets! No one wants a rusted out, falling apart faucet! Replace it with something that makes a statement!

Change up your Lighting

Switch out the old and bring in the new! You want the kitchen to be as bright as possible and you can achieve this by changing out older lighting fixtures with nice new show pieces. Hang pendant lighting over the island or a nice drop down chandelier over the eat in area. A great light fixture will add so much extra “pizazz” to your new kitchen!

Add a Backsplash

Install a beautiful glass backsplash or a standard subway tile! What a way to catch someones eye when they walk in! There are many places in Guelph where you can find a great deal on some beautiful yet cost affective tile!

#2 Update your Bathroom

That’s right, no one wants your green toilet and purple tub anymore. As soon as people see outdated kitchen’s and bath’s they will immediately rule it out because they just think of dollar signs. You can easily update your bathroom without breaking the bank and in little time!

Paint out old Vanities

Just like in the kitchen you can easily paint out an old vanity which gives you an instant updated look or if you source around you can find a very cost affective replacement for it completely!

Fresh Paint

Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls and trim. This will already give you a brightened and fresh look. Stick to light neutral colours for bathrooms


If your floor tiles are extremely outdated it would be worth while to replace it. Use a small patterned tile to add some character your bathroom and this will also make the space look bigger. Do a nice tile surround around the tub too! If your doing a simpler tile around the tub don’t be afraid to add a decorative tile somewhere in your design for that extra impact!

Add some Character

Spice things up by adding decorative pieces in your bathroom! Replace the builder basic mirrors with a nice statement mirror, change up the old lighting, faucets and hardware with something that will pop!

bathroom lighting

#3 Update your Flooring

Flooring is a very important feature and is the first thing people notice when they walk in. Main floor living spaces should have a nice hardwood, high end laminate or engineered hardwood. If you have existing hardwood, that’s terrific but if it isn’t in the best shape I would recommend sanding and re-staining the floor. You can rent a machine and do this yourself at a local hardware store or you can hire a professional who will get it done and looking fabulous in a jiffy!

If you have existing carpet upstairs it’s not a big deal, most people do like to have some type of wood in the hallway and master at minimum but if you are on a tight budget I would just replace the old worn carpet with a new fresh and neutral berber carpet.

#4 Paint

Paint never ceases to amaze me! A fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim goes a long way when selling your home. Not only does it look fresh and clean but it gives it a fresh smell. Use an eggshell on the walls and a semi gloss for your trim and casing. The semi gloss will make your trim stand out and it’s easier to clean! Only use neutral colours when selling, try to keep personal preferences out of your decision. Not everyone likes lime green!

Neutral Paint Colours

#5 Curb Appeal

The first impression buyers have of your home is the moment they pull up front. Make sure your gutters are cleaned, your gardens are weeded and your windows are sparkling. Take time to cut your grass and throw a fresh coat of paint on the front and garage doors! Replace or paint older lighting fixtures and add some fresh flowers and a new door mat to really wow your prospective buyers!

#6 Roof and Windows

Easiest way to scare a buyer is to have an old falling apart roof and drafty windows. These items are a little pricier to replace but 100% worth it. For some reason buyer’s feel like replacing a roof or a window is a HUGE ordeal when in reality roofing and window companies can have them replaced within days! If you list your home for sale and factor needing a new roof or windows already into the price buyers often still, try and negotiate those prices to come out of your asking price. By the time you are done negotiating you could have bought two new roofs! Besides, when you have a new roof and windows it shows buyers that you take pride in up keeping your home and buyers will pay more for a well maintained home!

Guelph’s Real Estate market is going strong and ultimately your home will sell regardless of the updates but why not put more money in your pocket by doing some of these simple fixes. I have personally seen buyers go into a bidding war frenzy over a home that showed immaculately and in the end, they over pay for it. I love coaching my buyers on how to buy a home while improving the value in it rather than overpaying for a home that is already done! When listing a home, I do the same thing with my sellers, coaching them on areas to improve and my staging techniques that will bring them top dollar for their home! A happy client makes a happy Realtor!

Amanda xo

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