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Your real estate brain | Feel free to use it

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I’m not going to sugar-coat it: Buying a home in Guelph right now is tough—extremely tough. Resale inventory isn’t even close to meeting current buyer demands. Competition is fierce. And multiple offer situations have become the norm. Many buyers are waiving all conditions, throwing caution to the wind, and finding ways to rationalize their decisions to do so… and in MY honest opinion – to flat-out over-pay for property. In short: For sensible buyers and ethical Realtors, these are not easy times in real estate. Heading to what we used to call the negotiating table (but what is, today, more like…

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Pay bills, keep lights on, feed kids

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Growing up here in Guelph, I didn’t get a lot of direction as to managing my finances, I learned how to get by on what we had, and to work really, really, really hard for someone else hoping to pay bills. I didn’t get to learn early on the empowerment of money management.  My Mom is amazing and always did her best to provide for all of us, bar tending and serving sometimes 3 or 4 jobs at a time, it is what she knew to do.  The message of caring for your credit and financial strategy was lost somewhere…

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