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Livin’ & Lovin’ the Downtown Music Scene

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I’m often approached by clients who ask me why there is such a high demand for homes in the downtown Guelph area. Why are they worth more than a home, comparable in square footage, in the east end for example? The answer is really quite simple, broken down into 2 parts. First of all, downtown, you are usually buying a home that is truly unique and rare. If you see a century old redbrick home, it’s not very likely that another one exactly the same will come up in the next few weeks, or even in that year. Something on the…

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This or That | First-time buyers, freehold town or a fixer-upper detached

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Freehold townhouses have become a popular option in Guelph in the last few years, especially among first-time homebuyers. The price and the fact that most are in move-in ready condition appear to be what is attracting many first-time homebuyers. Since 2010, the amount of freehold townhouses sold in Guelph has been steadily increasing as well as the average sale price: 69 sold in 2010 (Average sale price $259,267) 83 sold in 2011 (Average sale price $282,087) 103 sold in 2012 (Average sale price $289,811) 114 sold in 2013 (Average sale price $310,303) 117 sold in 2014 (Average sale price $320,505)…

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What it means to be a Green Realtor®

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When Ruth decided to became a REALTOR® in 2005 the first thing on her agenda was to complete the necessary courses to become an Accredited Greenagent™ and a member of The National Association Of Green Agents and Brokers (NAGAB), thus becoming one of the first to hold this accreditation in the Guelph and Rockwood area.  A “Green REALTOR®?”  Really?  Isn’t this more “greenwashing”? Your skepticism is warranted, so let’s clarify what a green realtor looks like.  To begin with, it’s a realtor with knowledge about energy efficiency options you have to minimize energy cost and reduce emissions – regardless of…

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The Number$ | Guelph student condo townhomes

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It’s no secret buying a home for your son or daughter attending the University of Guelph can be profitable, however, once you’ve made the decision to buy, the next thing you have to do is determine what kind of home you are going to purchase. Most parents start off with a detached home in mind, something small, freehold, walking distance to the University of Guelph and close to all major amenities. This certainly is an option, however if you’re working with a budget of under $350,000 it can be quite difficult to find something that meets all of those requirements…

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The Puslinch Market | Always in full swing

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Over the last 5 years the number of properties sold in January in Puslinch ranges from 1-5 homes – based on data from the Guelph and District Real Estate Board.  So, as a Realtor with a strong focus on the local market what am I doing all winter while my colleagues in Guelph are running like crazy selling student rental properties? Besides catching up on paperwork and last year’s spring cleaning I spend a great deal of time talking to prospective sellers – those folks who are thinking this is the year they are going to make a move.   And…

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Selling a Guelph Home in the Winter

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Baby, it’s cold outside. Yes, winter is here But… homes in Guelph still have to get bought and sold on a daily basis. Here are a few pointers for those of you selling at this time of year. First, I start with the basics: work with a Guelph Listing Agent who can guide you through all the steps needed to showcase your home in the best possible light… even when it’s forty below! Start from the outside I often liken the home-selling and home-buying process to dating. One way the two are similar? First impressions count. When someone pulls up in…

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