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Ask the builder | Luxury kitchens

Fit and finish, high end materials, gleaming hardware, and amazing appliances are extremely important features in a luxury kitchen. Even more so for a self-proclaimed chef such as myself, functionality is key.

Work spaces need to be large but not too far apart, and walking paths the same. I grew up working for my father as a machine operator. A good operator knows to keep his/her path of travel as small as possible – you want to keep you ‘cycle-time’ low. This improves your efficiency, and this is especially useful in the kitchen during those big family gatherings where the food has to keep on coming!

A large cooktop is a must have! The cooktop should be 48” or larger… lots of room to move. An indoor grill and griddle are also key elements in a luxury kitchen. This keeps us ‘chefs’ from having to wander outside in those freezing cold Canadian winter months for that perfectly charred steak or some grilled seafood.

Along with a larger than life cooktop, you need to have an impressive hood fan. I’m personally intrigued with a specific brand in which you can get 1200 cfm of air pull with a single unit. That’ll pull your bedroom doors shut, which is great for the experimental chef, or the beginner, in helping to ensure you don’t set those smoke alarms off.

Another key component of the luxury list is lots of refrigeration options. Instead of one large refrigerator, I love having multiple smaller ones. A large main fridge for most of your general needs, a stand-alone freezer for larger items, a separate drawer style refrigerator for convenience in an island work space, and, of course, a beverage centre or two in a separate bar/coffee area.

As far as materials go, I believe there are a few places to splurge in a luxury kitchen, starting with custom cabinetry. Custom cabinets allow you to create a specific ambience and add a sense of richness to the space. When it comes to functionality in your cabinetry, consider roll-out trays, extra shelves, waste-recycling centre, soft close options, and extending cabinets to the ceiling.

Hardware is so important in achieving that luxurious feel. Think of your hardware like jewellery – you need good quality pieces to add the finishing touches to the overall space. This is something you will touch and appreciate every day. The same rule applies to faucets, after all, your faucet is the most frequently used feature in the kitchen. You can literally feel the difference between high quality and lower quality faucets.

Finally, spend some extra money on your countertops. This is the first impression and focal point of your kitchen. You want that wow factor from your countertops, as they are one of the largest surface areas in your kitchen. Using a good quality stone such as granite or quartz will help to set the overall tone for the room.

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