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Buy Local – Go house shopping with a Guelph Realtor®

“Buying Local” has become the catch phrase for healthy eating and sustainability in not only Ontario but many areas across Canada.  It didn’t take long for the idea of supporting and buying from local farmers and businesses to move from being just an interesting concept to becoming a common and preferred practice for a large portion of our population. When the practice of buying local was broken down and analyzed it actually had so many benefits it was amazing to me that we hadn’t moved in this direction sooner, although I guess technically it’s something that we’re reverting back to after having moved away from it. If buying local is so beneficial to our health and community then why haven’t we applied the same concepts to some of the other vital areas of our lives?

Purchasing or selling property is an important decision that will have one of the largest impacts on your lifestyle and financial well-being. Using a REALTOR® is always advisable when entering into a real estate transaction but there are many reasons why it’s in your best interest to use an agent who knows and is a part of the local real estate market.  When considering property transactions in Guelph and the surrounding area a local Guelph real estate professional can give you that added edge that could be the difference between success and failure.  Here are just a couple reasons why you should consider Buying Local:


Finding and researching properties that will fit your needs and improve your lifestyle can be an extremely time consuming prospect.  Many buyers will spend endless hours cruising the internet highways of and the MLS networks looking for that dream property only to find that the dream property won’t work for them.  A Guelph agent will have integral knowledge of the neighbourhoods, new and upcoming developments and the local listing stock.  They’ll know how close properties are to local schools, restaurants, grocery stores, malls, pharmacies and businesses.  They’ll know about things like our termite zone, which developments were built on old landfills or don’t allow student rentals and will be versed in the local bylaws that might hinder or promote your intended use of the property.  On top of all of that, a really important factor to consider is that they will also have access to the local real estate board’s information system meaning they’ll know about available properties that out-of-town agents won’t.  All of which will allow them to present to you a qualified list of properties which fits your needs, wants and dreams and allow you use your time and energy efficiently.


A Guelph real estate professional will have a first hand and thorough understanding of the area and because they are constantly exposed to the fluctuations of the local market will often have unique perspective and insight into local property values.  Access to and knowledge of upcoming city planning and approved developments will allow them to provide you with information that may affect your decision to purchase a property. For instance, would you want to buy a home for your new family that will have a high-rise student rental building directly beside it 2 years down the road…or a nearby gravel pit with large trucks driving by your front door every half hour?  I can personally attest to the costs of replacing car windshields because I was always getting pelted with stones following a gravel pit truck down the road!  This is the kind of first hand knowledge that will allow a Guelph REALTOR® to better advise you as to the current market value of a potential property, protect your best interests regarding future use of that property and help keep you from paying too much on overpriced properties or losing out in competition on properties that have been listed below market value.


Scheduling can often become a problem when your agent has to drive more than an hour just to get to the area you’re interested in which tends to limit the amount of time available for viewing properties. A local agent can spend that extra time with you instead of being on the road.  On top of that they can be on hand for the local property tours, home inspections and revisits of properties that piqued your interest. They can drive you around and pay attention to what you liked and disliked about the properties you’re seeing which will allow them to better qualify available properties for you.


If you’re looking at purchasing a property in Guelph then you’ve likely already arrived at the conclusion that you like our community.  Good choice! Supporting the community where your property is located will only help to increase the value of your property and will strengthen your ties to local businesses and property owners.  Your local Guelph REALTOR® can put you in touch with the services and trades you’ll need, from reputable home inspectors, to contractors for home improvements and repairs to nearby accommodations, restaurants and attractions.  Supporting local businesses supports local families and investing in your community is an investment in your future!


Guelph is a good sized city with an amazing sense of community that I’m very passionate about.  If you’re looking to buy here, then chances are we’re going to run into each other at the grocery store or be cheering for our kids playing on the same soccer field and if I’ve learned anything in life it’s that our successes are often aided or hindered by our relationships.  This is as true today as it’s ever been and although our means of communication might be trending towards doing everything via email or cell phones instead of face to face meetings and handshakes, you’ll find that trust is still something that has to be earned.  Guelph agents are generally familiar with each other and like anybody else we have an affinity to the people we’re used to dealing with.  We know they’ve covered all of the right things with their clients and there’s less danger of one party not knowing a detail that might cause them to try to back out of an agreement.  This instills a confidence that we’re dealing with a known quantity meaning there is less risk for our clients and ourselves when closing a deal.  In any transaction, particularly one involving the transfer of real estate, less risk equates to security and protection for all parties involved. 

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m passionate about buying local and supporting my community, not just for my dinner plate but in other areas of my life as well.  For most people, purchasing a property is a huge decision. I believe that a local Guelph real estate professional can help make the process more enjoyable and satisfying by being better equipped to provide the knowledge and education you need to make an informed decision regarding your investment in this wonderful community. In short, I can think of plenty of reasons to shop in Guelph with a local realtor, I can’t think of one good reason not too!

Until next time, stay happy, healthy and informed!


3 Responses
  • Kyle Woods
    Kyle Woods
    February 5, 2016

    Way to go Jeremiah!!! Great article on choosing a local Realtor, which I believe in 100%! ……Can’t serve your clients when you don’t know the landscape!

  • Kelly Caldwell
    February 7, 2016

    Great food for thought for buyers. Put your faith in those who really deserve it and who can advocate best on your behalf.

  • Allison Bureau
    February 8, 2016

    Great read Jeremiah – very important outside the city limits too – make sure your truly understands what they are selling!

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