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Ask the builder | Luxury kitchens

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Fit and finish, high end materials, gleaming hardware, and amazing appliances are extremely important features in a luxury kitchen. Even more so for a self-proclaimed chef such as myself, functionality is key. Work spaces need to be large but not too far apart, and walking paths the same. I grew up working for my father as a machine operator. A good operator knows to keep his/her path of travel as small as possible – you want to keep you ‘cycle-time’ low. This improves your efficiency, and this is especially useful in the kitchen during those big family gatherings where the…

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Buy Local – Go house shopping with a Guelph Realtor®

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“Buying Local” has become the catch phrase for healthy eating and sustainability in not only Ontario but many areas across Canada.  It didn’t take long for the idea of supporting and buying from local farmers and businesses to move from being just an interesting concept to becoming a common and preferred practice for a large portion of our population. When the practice of buying local was broken down and analyzed it actually had so many benefits it was amazing to me that we hadn’t moved in this direction sooner, although I guess technically it’s something that we’re reverting back to…

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Buying Like a Home Inspector

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It might not surprise you that I look at homes a little differently than a typical person.  While home buyers are looking for items like granite countertops, high ceilings, hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances; Home Inspectors are focused on maintenance, performance, and deficiencies in the home.  I believe buyers can benefit by looking at their future investment a little more like a Home Inspector.  After you have found the property you are interested in, schedule a walk-through with your realtor to give it a basic examination.  If you are not handy, bring along a friend or family member who…

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Talking New Homes – Expected Closing Costs

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Closing costs, We’ve all heard that term, but what exactly does it mean?  When you are buying a brand new house, in addition to the actual cost of the home, be prepared for a few other expenses on the day of closing. They’re usually all spelled out in your contract, but contracts are often 40+ pages of “legalese” and not plain English.  They’re written by lawyers, for lawyers, and not easily understandable to the general public.  Here are a few things to look for in your contract, and to be prepared for on closing. HST This is a biggie.  New homes…

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Conservation Hesitation

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There is one question that just about every buyer asks when we are looking at country lots: “Does it have conservation on it?” The simplest answer is “probably yes”.  But don’t let that stop you in your tracks! There seems to be a great deal of hesitation from buyers when the word conservation comes up.  While it may add a layer of consultation and yes, fees, to your building process it should not be a barrier to pursuing a beautiful country building lot. It is generally safe to say that a lot was created with the potential to build a…

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The Number$ | Midrise Condos in South Guelph

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As early as 2008, South Guelph started seeing a new type of product coming onto the market that it had never seen before. Mid-rise apartment-style condo buildings were the new craze and many first-time homebuyers and investors flocked to the sales centres, lining up for opening day to place their deposits. It made sense, considering the fact you could put down a minimal deposit and own real estate for around $150,000 for a 1-bedroom unit. Even if you went all the way up to a 3-bedroom, at that time you were still only paying around or just under the $200,000…

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2016 Resolutions for Guelph Home Buyers

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And… we’re off! Another year has begun and, if it’s anything like the last few January’s have been in Guelph, the real estate market is likely to pick up significantly. So, if you’re looking to buy a home in Guelph, you’ll need to get ready to jump into the process. Before you do, here are five New Year’s Resolutions that I think make perfect sense for Guelph buyers: Get Out Quickly. The market can move very quickly in Guelph at this time of year. It’s not the time to sit and “give it a few days” or wait around to…

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