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Selling Tenanted Property in Guelph

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Over the last several years, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time working with investor buyers and sellers in Guelph. Helping people buy and sell investment properties is exciting in many ways, because it feels great to be a part of someone’s journey to wealth. With that said, I can say that some of the most difficult moments of my real estate career have involved selling or showing tenanted properties. Experience has taught me that the vast majority of tenants are good people who take care of the properties they’re living in, and who aren’t hard to…

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Selling a Vacant Home in Guelph

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There are all sorts of personal situations that give rise to the action of putting a home on the market for sale. In some cases, folks are still living in those homes, but in others the property is vacant. Well, I’m here to tell you that, from the perspective of a Listing Agent, there are certainly some challenges associated with selling vacant homes in Guelph (or anywhere, for that matter.) Why? Well, let’s start with the reality that vacancy is one of the flags that a property may be distressed. Yes, just by virtue of being vacant, a home for sale in…

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I Love My Neighbourhood | Grange Hill

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As I was out trick or treating with my “little sister” and nephew the other day, I was walking around my neighbourhood and got a chance to explore a few streets I hadn’t really been on much before.  I love this end of town, and have for as long as I can remember.  East Guelph, (also known as “Little Erin” for us Erin/Hillsburgh imports) is the place where my friends and I bought our first homes.  It’s where many of us started our adult lives … home ownership, putting down roots, starting families, growing and living.  It feels like home….

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