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Guelph Vacancy Rates

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If you are considering investing in the Guelph real estate market, you should know that when it comes to vacancy rates we have a proven track record. In October of 2014 the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Commission released a report stating that Guelph’s vacancy rate of 1.2% was the lowest in all of Ontario! Not only that, but over the past 4 years (2011 – 2014) our vacancy rate has not risen above 2.0%. In fact, Guelph’s vacancy rates have been so impressively low over the last 4 years that it’s average of 1.4% has even beat out Toronto’s 4-year…

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The Investor’s Guelph Bungalow

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One of the greatest things about them is the foundational footprint they create in the basement for an accessory apartment. The reason most people search for bungalows, as opposed to two-storey homes, when considering creating an accessory apartment is the fact that with a bungalow the square footage is spread out over one floor creating a much larger basement, whereas with a two story home the above ground floor space is stacked on top of itself resulting in a much smaller basement to work with. Bungalows are also sought after because of the lot size and the ability to have…

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