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Kitec Plumbing | A home-inspector’s thoughts

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If you are buying a home or condo built between 1995 and 2007 it may have Kitec plumbing. Kitec was recalled in 2005 due to a tendency to fail at an accelerated rate. This resulted in a large class action lawsuit against the manufacture which concluded in 2011. A settlement fund has been established with $100 million set aside for claimants and $25 million for the lawyers. Kitec was installed for both supply plumbing to fixtures and in boiler heating systems as distribution piping. It was popular with contractors and builders because it was both less expensive and faster to…

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I love my neighbourhood – Grange Hill

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Being born and raised in Guelph, I’ve had the opportunity to live in various neighbourhoods of this fair city, and each of these special areas have their assets and special memories. I spent most of my childhood growing up in Guelph’s “south end,’ which many would now call the centre of Guelph. There is a saying that you never forget your childhood friends, a statement which I believe fully. I remember helping clean my friend’s dad’s transport truck in an empty field off of Scottsdale where a branch of the Guelph Public Library has shelved books for many years now….

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Century homes | A home inspector’s thoughts

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Living in a century home is a romantic proposition: The high ceilings, hardwood trim, large fireplaces, plaster walls, and decorative ceilings are all features that are rare in a more modern home.  Anyone who appreciates antiques or old cars knows that there is something special about the old designs. These homes are also commonly located near downtowns and are in very established neighborhoods with large trees and expansive parks. Who wouldn’t want to live in an old home? Century homes certainly have their charm, but it is not all roses owning one. Before you purchase a century home it is important…

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Too many beds?

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Supply and demand is probably one of the simplest concepts in economics to understand. When it comes to a market such as housing, there are three different scenarios: Supply = demand When supply equals demand, it is generally accepted that the price paid to rent the unit is the fairest amount for both the tenant and the landlord. Too much supply When there are too many units to rent and not enough renters to fill them, logically the landlords start competing with one another in a desperate attempt to fill their own units instead of watching other landlords fill theirs…

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Student Buildings – Keep it Condo

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In case you haven’t noticed, Guelph is deeply immersed in an incredibly impactful change, one that has the potential to do a lot more than just re-organize student housing. The first occupancies in the mass wave of purpose-built housing is happening right now. From stacked townhomes to mid-rise condo buildings, we have an array of new options that both students and investors have been happily consuming. While opinions on some of the style choices may vary, the general consensus across the city is heavy support for the student-centric buildings popping up across the landscape in South Guelph. Personally, I love…

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