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Ask the Builder – Luxury en-suites

Everybody loves a sumptuous ensuite bath. Jason, what do you take into consideration when helping design an ensuite?

One of my favourite rooms in the house! For Fabbian Fine Homes, this is where we really love to help our home owners get custom. My first question is always – “How do you see yourself enjoying this space”?. Is this purely for daily preparation, or is this your retreat? Do they often ready themselves at the same time, or at separate times? Is their taste modern, rustic, or do they want the ensuite to be their own personal spa space?

For me, a master ensuite can never be too spacious. In my book, there are definitely some must-haves in the ensuite. I like to see a dedicated water closet, a well planned vanity built to a height to suit both partners, dual basins, loads of storage space, heated floors, and absolutely an oversized glass enclosed shower. I love the look of the stand alone spa type soaker tub … this can be made into a statement piece and topped off with an amazing chandelier adding the feel of the utmost in luxury. Simple little pleasures like a cable outlet and dedicated spot for a TV would probably make it onto my wish list as well. Hey, it’s your chance to spoil yourself.

Back to the most important part – the shower. All Fabbian Fine Homes’ master ensuites start with a spacious shower area complete with a handheld shower and beautiful controls.  We usually like to begin the design process from the shower and work outwards from there. To start, custom glass doors large enough to not bump your elbows, choice of an easy cleaning tile, a ledge or niche to make sure there is adequate space for personal care essentials, and if the budget allows for it, performance pieces. I like to see showers equipped with at least one water tile rain head. In my experience Kohler has the best showering products on the market … and good news … we use Kohler in all of our homes! The nozzle sizes are just right, so you get a good balance of water pressure and conservation. The water tile body spray is also highly recommended. To top things off, if it’s feasible, a Kohler dtv control system. Having had a similar system, I must recommend it to all my clients. It offers perfect temperature control, a myriad of possible functions, component additions and the control can be placed anywhere in the shower.

What does luxury mean to you Jason?

To me, “luxury” in the context of an ensuite means to be pampered. I want to be able to use this space as a 15-20 min get away from the business of life. Getting into a large shower with multiple body sprays and a large rain head is my “zen” garden. I think each person should carefully think about their ensuite the same way. Decide what it is about the space that makes you relax, and have us design and custom build it just for you. It could be a two way fireplace, a feature wall, the perfect chandelier, the colours, heated tiles in just the right spots, surround sound system, a built in planter box, a steam room, a tub with room for two…. Really think about the space, it’s an important part of every day life.


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