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Custom homebuying – Do you have what it takes?

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My parents built their own custom country home a few years back. It started off as 6 sticks that my mom stuck into the ground in a vaguely rectangular shape. She and my dad would walk up to the lot and picture their future house. My dad jokes that every time they went the sticks “somehow” got further apart, thereby making the house bigger. There is plenty of room in custom construction for things to go wrong. A plan is created and it is obviously the ultimate goal to stick as close to that original plan as possible – not…

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So you want to move to the country | Chapter 3 – The odd bits

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The reasons for moving to the country are countless and will vary from person to person but there are a number of things you have to be aware of if you are deciding to make the move from city mouse to country mouse…I mean house. Equipment – You will need to purchase several pieces of equipment to maintain your property depending on the size and if you will be doing maintenance yourself or if you will choose to hire someone to do the work for you. Riding lawn mower and heavy duty trimmer: there is more land and more grass,…

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Ask the Builder – Luxury en-suites

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Everybody loves a sumptuous ensuite bath. Jason, what do you take into consideration when helping design an ensuite? One of my favourite rooms in the house! For Fabbian Fine Homes, this is where we really love to help our home owners get custom. My first question is always – “How do you see yourself enjoying this space”?. Is this purely for daily preparation, or is this your retreat? Do they often ready themselves at the same time, or at separate times? Is their taste modern, rustic, or do they want the ensuite to be their own personal spa space? For me,…

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Occupancy vs Ownership

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After working in New Development Sales and now as a Licensed Real Estate Agent, there is always one question clients have when buying a new build condominium…”What is the difference between the Closing date and the Occupancy date?” When you purchase a new condominium that’s in the process of being built, there is a period of time between when you move into the unit and when you take ownership. This period is known as the Interim Occupancy or Occupancy Period. During this time, you will take possession of the unit, but not the ownership; and you will be required to…

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