Love tiny houses – Chapter Deux

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There are questions every home buyer should ask themselves while they are looking at homes, but they are especially important when looking at a tiny home: How do I use my home? What is most important to me?  When you are considering buying a home with less than 900sqft there are going to be concessions. But when you decide what is most important you won’t feel as though you are compromising.  Chances are if you’re looking at a tiny home you will have already thought about downsizing your life at least a little bit, but have you thought about how…

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Do the renos that really pay

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So you want to sell your Guelph home but you take a look around and see nothing but work. You think to yourself,  ”Should I take a loss and sell it as is or should I do some renovations??” Most people opt out when it comes to doing any work to their home but don’t realize that they are leaving thousands of dollars on the table by not doing simple, minor updates. Today’s buyers are looking for move in ready, I don’t want to lift a finger type of home, meaning buyer’s are willing to pay more and compete for…

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West-side Number Crunching

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The West end of Guelph has always held a special place in my heart. It’s where I’ve lived most of my life, so naturally I favour this part of town, but from a real estate perspective I also believe the value in the West end can be unmatched compared to anywhere else in the city. Not everyone wants to live in the West, so for the people who do want to live here the home buying process can be much less competitive than other areas of the city and prices tend to be something more people can afford. Now if…

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Your real estate brain | Feel free to use it

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I’m not going to sugar-coat it: Buying a home in Guelph right now is tough—extremely tough. Resale inventory isn’t even close to meeting current buyer demands. Competition is fierce. And multiple offer situations have become the norm. Many buyers are waiving all conditions, throwing caution to the wind, and finding ways to rationalize their decisions to do so… and in MY honest opinion – to flat-out over-pay for property. In short: For sensible buyers and ethical Realtors, these are not easy times. Heading to what we used to call the negotiating table (but what is, today, more like a ‘bring your…

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Pay bills, keep lights on, feed kids

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Growing up here in Guelph, I didn’t get a lot of direction as to managing my finances, I learned how to get by on what we had, and to work really, really, really hard for someone else hoping to pay the bills. I didn’t get to learn early on the empowerment of money management.  My Mom is amazing and always did her best to provide for all of us, bar tending and serving sometimes 3 or 4 jobs at a time, it is what she knew to do.  The message of caring for your credit and financial strategy was lost…

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The BIG Decision | Chapter IV Staying Realistic

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In the previous 3 instalments of this investment blog we covered a lot of material – everything from the money, to the time, to the experience required for any given real estate investment. This week, we will wrap things up by quickly touching on the importance of being realistic with the constraints of your “handyman” skills, as well as some overall final thoughts. Renovation Skill Set: Although we have already highlighted your ability to fix general problems in a rental property as a real asset, let’s touch on this topic in brief before wrapping things up. It is always worth…

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Grange Hill – Detached Homes by the Numbers

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Having lived in the Grange Hill East for the last 6 years, I have seen its landscape change.  Grange Hill is a fast growing community. Several new developments have popped up quickly in the last 6 years adding more detached, semi and town homes.  Even with its growth, the East End is still a well kept secret. It’s a quick 25-minute drive to the 401 via Guelph Line – which makes its accessibility to the GTA huge (HUGE!). The trails are fantastic and endless and now include a great sports park.  The schools in the area are great and are…

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Stage It

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Stage it, what is all the hype about?!?! Coming from a Realtor / Design Junkie let me tell you why! Staging has gained huge popularity over the last couple of years in the Real Estate industry and is all over the television. Staging allows potential buyers to see your home in its best state ever before even walking through the home. We live in a virtual world and over 96% of today’s buyers will decide if a home is even worth looking at through the photos posted online. Why not set your home apart from every other home on the…

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The Big Decision | Chapter III Talking Options

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In last weeks instalment of “ The BIG Decision ” we took a closer look at Risk Tolerance and Capital Reserves.  Bottom Line: It is never a good decision to get in over your head, both in terms of taking a greater risk than you are financially comfortable with, as well as purchasing an investment property that has large operating/capital expenses if you don’t have deep pockets. Now, let’s keep the concepts of risk and reserves fresh in our minds as we investigate the impact that various investment property types have on our spare time. Time Allocation The amount of…

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Home Buyer’s Guide to Mould

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One of the most common questions I receive from buyers is, “Does my new home have mould?” They’re always surprised when I reply that it most likely does. The fact is that almost all homes have some mould. If a home has ever had leaks that were to do with plumbing, the basement, a shower enclosure, or the roof, mould may be present. A better question would be, “Is there significant mould in the home which is adversely affecting the house air quality?” This is a more difficult question to answer. Tracking down and removing mould The best method to…

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