Onward Willow – There’s no place like home

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Last year, I was fortunate enough to purchase a home.  Major milestone.  I am happy to have a coffee with you some time to explain that story further, but for now all you need to know was this was big move for my family and I.  We knew the criteria was: 4 or 5 bedrooms (lots of kids lets remember), at least 2 bathrooms, a good-sized yard, character, in the Downtown area…….and as inexpensive as possible. Done. I’m a Realtor, and at this point I will just keep my eyes and ears open. Maybe we will buy in a year…

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Buying a Home? First Let’s Talk Credit Scores

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Remember the good, old days when getting a mortgage was easy-peasy? Why, you’d just head to the bank and sign some forms and then – poof! – you’d be approved. Off to buy a home! (That was a lot easier then, too.) Well, those days are history. Getting a mortgage has, over the years, become a trickier and trickier thing to get. Even the tiniest of “blips” on a credit rating can wreak havoc on your chances to get a pre-approval from an A-Lender. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to the whole financial picture around buying a…

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The need for CRE representation

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At the start of my career in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) I was – I must admit on the other side of the fence. I started as a Landlord representative. I learned a great deal about marketing a space or a property (actually it’s the what-not-to-do I learned). I sharpened my negotiation skills (when it comes to bluffing, my sonar system is unparalleled). I also learned when it’s time to walk away from the negotiation table. And I established a dense network of contacts amongst investors and local owners. Like in Monopoly, I know who-owns-what around town. But I also…

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Falling in Love with Your House… All Over Again

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Love is in the air at this time of year. So, hopefully you have the more personal aspects of your Valentine’s Day season sorted out by now. But, what about that home of yours? Look… it’s a crazy Seller’s Market in Guelph right now and a lot of people, myself included, feel like we really have little or no choice but to stay put. Well, yes – we could sell… it’s the buying part that’s a bit of a trick. Much like a marriage, the relationship you have with your home is going to wax and wane over the years. Of course it…

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Guelph – The New Housing Frontier

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2017, the final frontier,  these are the crazy days of the Guelph housing market, our mission is in strange new worlds.  Seeking out new forms and new price points, boldly going where no Ontario Housing market has gone before. It’s a little like that folks, we are on the “Starship Enterprise” exploring the uncharted areas of the Real Estate Market.  As much fun as it is, the other pros and I agree, it isn’t going anywhere but up. Milton, Mississauga still with soaring prices and us with the run off, we are here lost in space together.  What does it…

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Why offers keep piling up in Guelph

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Until more recently, it was pretty much expected that when you decided to make an offer on a house, it wasn’t just a matter of whether you could purchase it for below the asking price, but how far below asking you could negotiate.  While the past few years have been unbalanced, 2016 marked the beginning of a new era in Guelph real estate where the Sellers are firmly in the driver’s seat and any Buyers looking to enter this crazy market better buckle up. First off, many Guelphites are wondering what the heck even caused this to begin with?  The concept…

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Radon Gas in Guelph – What you need to know

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If you live in Guelph, I’m sure you’ve heard about Radon Gas by now. But what the heck is it and what can we do about it? Radon is a odourless, tasteless and colourless radioactive gas that forms naturally when uranium in rock, soil and water breaks down. Radon can seep into our homes through cracks and holes in the floors and/or foundations which in turn can affect our health. Radon is an issue in many parts of Ontario and Canada. Sounds scary, right? Since radon gas is a natural occurring gas that exists everywhere, there is nothing you can…

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Skilled Build | Terra View Homes

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Recently I had the absolute pleasure of sitting with David Brix of Terra View homes at his office in North Guelph. Amanda Lord tagged along so that we could ask David some hard-hitting questions from both the construction and the design fronts. The plan was to talk current developments, what projects are on the horizon for Terra View and to review their quality of construction.  First off, he is about the most welcoming guy possible when you sit with him. Really puts everyone in the room at ease. That’s the type of builder that makes folks like myself and Amanda…

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Old University – Let’s look at those numbers

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Old University is one of those areas in Guelph where real estate values have always shown an extreme demand for location. One of the first things I hear many investors say is, “Walking distance to the University of Guelph”. Naturally, the Old University area comes to mind but with the incredibly hot real estate market Guelph had in 2016, plus this area of Guelph’s historically inflated sales prices, it has to make you wonder, “Is buying a rental property in Guelph’s Old University area still a good investment?” I felt the only fair way to answer this was to back…

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K is for … Kindergarten … Maybe?

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When we moved to the Kortright East Neighbourhood 5 years ago, we were just a young couple with a newborn. To be honest, the thought of school zones never even crossed our minds.  Luckily for us, the two options available  for my school age children are both great schools.  We were sure we wouldn’t be disappointed with the education given at either of the location.  Two years after moving into the neighbourhood, construction began on undeveloped land at the back of our neighbourhood and SAY WHAT!?!?, it’s a school!  We are WALKERS!  Wonder if the school will be Public or…

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