K is for … Kindergarten … Maybe?

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When we moved to the Kortright East Neighbourhood 5 years ago, we were just a young couple with a newborn. To be honest, the thought of school zones never even crossed our minds.  Luckily for us, the two options available  for my school age children are both great schools.  We were sure we wouldn’t be disappointed with the education given at either of the location.  Two years after moving into the neighbourhood, construction began on undeveloped land at the back of our neighbourhood and SAY WHAT!?!?, it’s a school!  We are WALKERS!  Wonder if the school will be Public or…

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The Great Indian Migration

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So the big elephant in the room (pun totally intended) in Guelph is … why are so many Indian people choosing to migrate to our little city?  A big question indeed, and one I think is best answered by someone with a foot in three different camps; I am a Guelphite, I am of Indian descent and I am of course, a proud Realtor here in Guelph. In my mind, that makes me a pretty good candidate to tell the story.  I will throw out a small disclaimer first – this article is intended to be a source of information for…

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TW Credit Club | 3 Tips You Need to Know

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I have been working in Real Estate for a little while.  I have learnt so much and have been put in a position where I can positively impact people’s lives, it is an amazing thing.  It isn’t always sunshine and roses.  I do run into hard situations from time to time, I have come across so many people this year trying to get into the house market or lease, but can’t because their credit score is bruised, this was part of my journey too. Sometimes clients know, but it is worse when they don’t and they find out after they…

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2017 Investment Fortune Telling

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2016 has been a crazy year of major price increases and general pandemonium within the Guelph real estate market. We’ve seen popular student complexes such as 1155 Gordon St jump $40,000 in just three short months, and watched bidding wars take place on properties that would have otherwise sat on the market for weeks, without a single buyer in sight, just a few short years ago. With the unprecedented rising prices in certain complexes within the Guelph student investment market in such a short period of time, you have to wonder if the other complexes prices will follow suit? Although…

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Buying or Selling a Smokey Home

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Even in the kind of wild seller’s market like we are seeing in Guelph, it’s always not easy to sell a home. A few things can be fairly consistent deterrents among buyers, and one of them is smoke odour. Yes, a smokey house can prove a bit challenging for buyers to overcome. But many of them can…. In addition to the general turn-off, many people point to the health implications of what is called ‘third hand smoke’ – smoke coming off of things like walls, upholstery, etc. I’ve watched people walk up to a house and turn around before they’re even through the front door,…

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The 2017 Student Investor Mindset

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It’s a familiar story, your child has decided to go off to university and you as the parent are thinking about turning their education into an investment by way of the student rental property. You have done your research, the numbers work, and you are financially prepared to make the purchase of a student rental, good to go, right? (buzzer noise) Not quite. Student rental investment season in Guelph is right around the corner, and even though you are financially prepared to take on the investment, it is important to make sure that you are also mentally prepared. Kyle Woods…

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No More Stuff! Great Gift Ideas for Guelph Seniors

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How many times have you struggled to pick out holiday presents for seniors who insist that they already have everything? When they say that they don’t need anything, listen to them. They really don’t need anything. Why not consider giving a gift that entails no object at all?  For example, how about helping a senior with some easy home improvements, enjoy an outing or indulge in a hobby. Here are a few ideas worthy of serious consideration.   Taming the Clutter A professional organizer works side by side with a homeowner to purge and organize clothes, photographs, hobby supplies, old papers,…

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Skilled Build | Allen Remley Custom Homes

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I met with Allen Remley on the site of one of his current renovation projects here in Guelph, this particular one is on Division St. The ambitious endeavour is a complete build from the existing foundation upwards. Everything moves in an organized fashion in an Allen Remley home. While I sat and chatted with him exterior decking were being installed and inside Shawn Broader was installing the drywall. Allen was in his work clothes and when I arrived he was busily helping tradesman get the job done. We sat on a couple of two step ladders and had a coffee…

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It’s all good in Rockwood – Chapter One

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So here we go! Chapter One in my little series of blogs about why I just LOVE living and working in Rockwood, Ontario. There is nothing too fancy here, it’s just me speaking for my heart about the place I call home. I love living in Rockwood, for dozens of reasons, location, access (to cities great and small) and so many other reasons, but this time of year, it’s all about one magical evening – The Rockwood Farmers Santa Claus Parade of Lights!    Our first Christmas here in Rockwood was 12 years ago now.  Our neighbours had told us…

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Tear it OR Repair it

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Many are finding it difficult to find that “perfect” home in Guelph right now with prices soaring in this competitive market.  The resale market is tough right now, there is no disputing that.  The houses that have the floorpan, upgrades, and big lots are the homes that everybody is looking for.  Seller’s are holding back offers for a week and then all hell breaks loose as multiple offers fly in all at once on offer day.  The result: these sought after homes are selling at record breaking prices per square foot, and to stay competitive aside from price, buyer’s are…

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